Friday 5 April 2024

Watercolour Play Album - Birch Trees

 I had watched a video of someone painting Birch trees and I really wanted to have a go. I found a photo on-line but neither the bases nor the tops of the trees were included, it was a mid-shot.

I took some time observing the tree trunks and trying to get a feel of the bark and I wanted to give a suggestion of some landscape around them.

I added some grasses at the bottom of the painting which then became the bases of the trees! I realised, when I'd finished, this didn't work as I had them all lined up like soldiers. Realistically they would be separated out as they must have been if we'd actually seen the bases of the trees themselves in the photo. The perspective is all wrong! - a learning curve to check out in the future.

But I still like the feel of the painting and am quite pleased with the tree trunks.


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