Monday 15 February 2016

Wanderlust 2016

At last I'm underway at Wanderlust 2016 and sharing my first journal pages. I've decided to make my own journal so I can change the substrates when it is appropriate, so for these two I am using Daler and Rowney mixed media paper which is a good weight at 250 gms. Obviously as this is a current on-line workshop I won't be showing you the techniques as courtesy to Kasia and Jamie who are organising it, but if you are interested in joining the details can be found here.

In the first video Kasia shares an exploration of how she approaches her journalling taking us through steps and techniques she uses and encouraging us to try out new ideas and products. My finished pages are nothing like hers really and at times I have gone completely off piste but I am happy with this first outcome.

Along the way Kasia also encouraged us to think of one word that represents us at the moment and as I was tearing up some dictionary paper to use three words just appeared - Effort, Collaboration and Collective, so I have used the first two on my pages and you can see the text that is still showing through in the depths of the layers. What is also special is that the pages I use are from a dictionary that I bought second hand when I was at college training to be a teacher. I feel I am adding another part of me and my life to my art.

I have used decoart media acrylic paints, gesso, cosmic shimmer/distress stains/colour wash sprays and white ink ....

... and Tim's typo stencil with ground espresso DI.

The chipboard pieces give the focal points and I chose to use a bird and a star as they represent me flying free with these classes and shining brightly with self-determination, having time to explore without the constraints of other crafty expectations and commitments, giving myself time and permission to work with spontaneity, lack of inhibition and thinking outside of the box.

The flourished line and the frame also represent that new learning is forever on-going like a continuous line that never ends as is the unbroken circle that goes on for ever.

The B is me.

I don't often add my own journalling to pages but have added six of my own quotes that just came to me as I sat and thought about my two words. They read - 
Giving up is not an option.
I always endeavour to do my best.
The intention is to be the best I can.
In a partnership you achieve more.
To work with others in harmony.
Participate, co-operate and associate.
I look at these sayings in retrospect and really wonder where they came from!!!!

This has been an enlightening first step along the Wanderlust journey and made me feel very happy that I am and can give some time to me for developing my art.

Thanks for reading and sharing in this new adventure.

hugs Brenda xxx