Monday 16 April 2018

Panel 9 - Preservation

It is always a source of incredible excitement, astonishment and fascination when I get the opportunity to see and hopefully handle fossils and I love it when we go down to Swanage in Dorset where there is a lovely little shop with some incredible rocks with ammonites in and beautiful pieces to buy. This fossil fish looks as though he has taken on the colours of the sands and seabed and is laying in a watery grave just waiting to be found.

Process Steps
1. Adhere some left over painty or patterned pieces of card strips, collage style to the substrate.
2. Stamp over some text using watering can and coffee archival inks.
3. Dip in watery cobalt blue mixed with translucent white several times and dry.
4. Add titan buff to the left over paint, spritz with water and repeat the dip and dry several more times.

5. Scrape a small amount of white gesso randomly with a palette knife.
6. Stamp the fish onto tissue paper, tear and adhere.

7. Give everything a dirty wash of quinacridone gold and cobalt blue.
8. Adhere the word and give everything a coat of satin varnish.