Monday 17 June 2019

Stencil covers for Tando Creative

When Di at Tando Creative designed and cut some new stencils for Andy Skinner she also cut a stencil cover for them so they could be kept together as a set. I did a simple background and made the covers fairly flat so they could sit in my drawer.

Process steps
1. Take tag and give it a random coat of white gesso.
2. Paint cerulean blue acrylic paint mixed with a little water over the whole tag and dab with some kitchen paper to remove some of it from the gesso. It will of course soak straight into any greyboard that is left exposed.
3. Use a small palette knife and scrape some white gesso lightly and randomly over the surface keeping the flat of the palette knife level with the tag. Dry.

 4. Seal with a coat of decou-page.
5.  Mix a little prussian blue hue 50:50 with glazing medium and paint over the tag and gently rub back with dry kitchen roll and a babywipe keeping the dark blue to the edges.

 6. Mix a little quinacridone gold with water, dribble on one place spritz with water and move around and dab some off with dry kitchen paper before drying. Repeat in another couple of random places.

7. Mix a little paynes grey with water and dribble around the edges, spritz with water and dry. I worked on about a 2 inch spread at a time.
8. Use the two different stencils - similar to American car number plates and with a palette knife spread black modeling paste through them and leave them to dry naturally.

9. For the inside covers, use a palette knife to spread a smooth coat of everlasting chalky finish paint over the greyboard, give them a watery wash all over of cerulean blue and dry. Mix a watery wash of prussian blue hue and dabble, spritz and dry around the edges. Heat dry and finish with some stamping and some colouring and a light quinacridone wash to tie it all together..
10. Seal both the insides and outsides of the overs with a coat of ultra matte varnish. 

These are great for altering and are useful to use to cover the stencils. You pick them out in an instant when they are with other stencils in a drawer.

Thanks for stopping by and ......
Tando stencils and stencil covers. 
DecoArt media fluid acrylics - cerulean blue, prussian blue hue, quinacridone gold 
DecoArt mediums - white gesso, black modeling paste, ultra matte varnish, decou-page sealer