Friday 10 August 2018

Peace - Media Board

This panel stated life as a sample for the Stitches Trade show back in February. I used DecoArt media paints and mediums with some of Andy Skinner's stamps including the new Gothic Grunge set.

Process steps
1.      Seal with tinting base.
2.      With a plastic card scrape small amounts of cadmium orange, diarylide yellow, pyrrole red, titan buff, titanium white across the substrate, first in one direction then in the other.
3.      Using the same colours plus raw umber use two different stencils and blend and bump them to create different tones of pattern across the background. (Tando small dots and swirl)
4.      Dribble the leftover paints top to bottom and dry between colours.
5.      Add some cobalt teal to titan buff and repeat step 4.

6.      Take a small piece of card and monoprint with titan buff and titanium 
 white and watch the card pull off onto the substrate.
7.      With a palette knife scrape some white crackle paste around the edges  of the board.

8.      When dry rub some teal antiquing cream into it and rub of again.
9.      Stamp using titan buff, raw umber and pyrrole red stamp some text across the background.
10.  Stamp arch onto tissue paper and adhere to the background and add some remnant rub words.
11.  Seal with a coat of satin varnish.

Now I have used it to make a small handbound sketch/watercolour book. For speed and efficacy I added some patterned paper to another board and sealed it with the satin varnish.

Having bound the pages using a coptic stitch so the book will lie flat when it is being used I bound the spine with white tape and glued the first and last pages to the inside covers.

This is now ready to go in my shop space.

Keep the creativity in your HeART.