Tuesday 21 April 2020

Rust Technique - Andy Skinner paints

Been playing with just a few of Andy's paint range to create this rust effect.

1. With a palette knife drag some thin areas of white gesso still leaving some of the greyboard exposed.
2. Stencil using Andy's structure paste. Dry.
3. Rub over grey using dry kitchen roll. Dry.
4. Dabble and spritz with rust, let wash move around on the board. Dry.
5. Repeat #4 with mustard seed and also splatter a little. Dry.
6. Repeat #5 with grey.
7. Paint over a layer of quin gold. Dry
8. Repeat #4 with quin gold and rust mixed.
9. Repeat #4 with rust.
10. Repeat #4 with magenta and mustard seed mixed.
11. Repeat #7.


Andy Skinner products
Artist Pigment Paints - Grey, Rust, Quinacridone Gold, Primary Magenta
Matt Chalk Paint - Mustard Seed
Structure Paste