Friday 27 July 2018

Grungy canvas board for Andy Skinner

I love using making easel boards and sometimes use the canvas boards so that they create that lovely textured look in the background. Today I've teamed it with Tando greyboard shapes, Andy's stamps and stencils and DecoArt media line paints and mediums. I think this has a shabby appeal to it with the neutral colours - what do you think?
This is my contribution the Andy's Creative Team schedule and also over on his blog today.

Drip a few drops of  Dark Grey Value 3, Titan Buff, Burnt Umber and Titanium White Media Acrylic paints on a flat palette and with a sponge take time to rub and dab them blending them together to get a lightish mottled background on your canvas board. It dries quickly so you can almost immediately scrape some decou-page sealer over the surface randomly and leave it to fully dry.

Take the small panel, stamp the bird with embossing ink and heat emboss with black EP. When cool rub over the crow with phthalo blue, raw umber, burnt umber and then some titan buff over the beak and feet. Take the colours over the edge of the embossing to give a strong coloured outline in most places - you will see some of it showing through the next layers of paint you are about to put on.

Take a piece of sponge and a babywipe and blend the brown and grey colours over the canvas board until you get a darker effect on the background, rub with your fingers and and keep wiping back, adding more etc until you are happy with the darker colours over the light and you should also have a darker edge keeping the centre lighter. Leave to dry.

Rub the colours off the bird with a babywipe and piece of kitchen towel. With the sponge and a babywipe mix and blend lighter shades of the browns and grey with titan buff and titanium white (like above) layering them so that again you keep the lighter colours in the centre and end up with darker ones on the outside. Paint the edges of the board. Finish by using carbon black and raw umber on the scrubby side of the sponge and lightly dab to get a random splatter effect.

Give it a coat of clear modeling paste using a palette knife to drag it across the surface. Leaving ridges and texture in the surface is good.

I had added a little black pen to the design as I had some white splattery spots appear, the pen was supposed to be permanent but looked what happened. I think it totally adds to the effects. 

Take a round chipboard piece triple emboss it with stampendous ancient silver embossing enamel and stamp with the number wheel from the Curiosity set of stamps using cobalt archival ink.

Use texture sand paste and the browns and black paints to get this rusty effect on the sun wings.

Come back to the canvas board and use stamps, stencils and black gesso to grunge it up a bit.

Now assemble to create your finished design.

You'll see that during the assembling process I added part of a Tando clock to the design, once put together I felt the composition was a little unbalanced.

The blue medallion is raised quite a bit off of the background and stands out beautifully.

I finished with an easel on the back so this can stand on a shelf.

Thanks for stopping by.


Greyboard shapes, clock

Stamps - Stampendous - Curiosity, Handle With Care, Skuldoggery, Birds and Bones
Aged Silver Embossing Enamel

Stencil - Usual Suspects
Kit - Industrial Wings

Media fluid acrylic paints - Dark Grey Value 3, Titan Buff, Burnt Umber, Titanium White, Phthalo Blue, Raw Umber, Carbon Black
Mediums - Clear Modeling Paste. Decou-page Sealer, Texture Sand Paste