Friday 5 July 2024

Scrap Collage Journal

 Using scraps from projects to create little collages.

Having spent a fair few days on creating six panels for my next workshop, using Alison Bomber's newest release of stamps, I needed a bit of a break. I have loved creating the panels and I'm really pleased with them but I felt I needed to design and create something small and more personal, just for me. Sitting right in view were a number of bits left over from my creative process, so I set about sorting some of the pieces I could use and also raided my collage tub to add to it and ......

...... Eh voila!

An inky scrap of card from the workshop collection of scraps plus the pressed foliage stamp that had been fussy cut, one of Alison's words snippet, an ephemera stamp in the right hand corner and a part of a delivered envelope I had saved in my collage pieces tub.

It was so satisfying getting something created in just over an hour rather than the days it takes me for much bigger projects. It's left me ready to do more ......