Friday 26 May 2017

Crafting from the Sofa #3 - layered tags panel

I am still playing with the distress oxides as I love the results and they are easy enough to use with a craft mat on a lap tray. I have decided that the double pages in my Midori notebook are going to have similar colours to them so after #4 is finished I shall go back to #2 and make another vintage one and mount beside it. Here's #3. Please note this post was written on the 11th May, one week after I had broken my leg and scheduled for today.

Ok you have probably realised I am writing this blog post as I complete stages to the project, so this is #3 and the background was created by dipping media paper in watery vintage photo, worn lipstick and fired brick distress oxides, dried off and dipped in the same colours again. For some reason I decided I wanted it a much richer red so it got a coupe of dips in fired brick on its own and when dry splattered with walnut stain, dried off with a piece of kitchen roll and splattered again.  I thought I had photographed this stage but I can't find it, sorry.
I then gathered some tags and started looking for elements to add.

You know when you have limited supplies and are not able to go looking for something else I decided to make my own focal elements and tore some scraps of leftover media papers and drew some flower bases and stems to go with them and cut them out ....

.... and started arranging the bits.

I cut the panel to size and started putting the layers together with the mini attacher.

I really liked the way it was going together.

By the time I'd added it to the cvc flower journal I used remnant rubs which actually express how I feel even with a broken leg and not being allowed to move off the sofa.

Thanks for stopping by and for all the lovely messages I have received by various means - they really mean a lot and help to keep me buoyant.

Avoid the next bit if you hate injuries .............

I had to have my cast changed yesterday as my leg was swelling a bit, just look at the amazing colours one week later.

I also saw the x-rays and where the breaks are, a spiral one in the lower shaft of the fibular and another small one in the posterior malleolus which is the very end of the tibia, clever aren't I?

But I'm staying positive and have a wonderful hubby, family, friends and neighbours who are looking after me.

hugs Brenda xxx