Tuesday 6 June 2017

Crafting from the sofa #6 - Vintage ladies collage

I managed to get quite a few panels made in the weeks where I had to have the cast on my leg and I couldn't sit at my desk, this was one of the earlier ones.

I wanted to try something different with the oxides and decided to use the distress glaze. I applied some through a stencil just rubbing with my finger, you can see the stencil had some ink left on it which mixed with the product ......

.... it was also rather thick so I wafted the heat gun over it lightly to melt it and then rubbed it away.

I blended over iced spruce doxide, which revealed some of he rubbing away where the wax caught the paper. I knew at this point what I'd done - silly me but I wasn't going to waste the paper or my time.

I dipped the paper in watery iced spruce and faded jeans and you can see the resist just didn't work. There are a couple of places you can see it faintly but not enough to call a resist technique ......

To finish the inking I dipped it in spiced marmalade and vintage photo.

When I came back to this a few days later I decided where it was going to go in the pink journal and gathered the bits together to create a collage. As it was balancing up the two men on the previous panel ......

....... I chose the two lovely ladies from the paper dolls pack and some other collage elements that also would fit in and help balance the two.

Once put together it looks like this?

I was so happy to find this coloured butterfly in the botanical layers pack, it matched the palette perfectly.

I've really been enjoying making these, they're a bit like ATCs, quite easy to get finished and addictive too. I'm hoping I will be continuing the series to fill the journal when I'm back on my feet.

I really appreciate you stopping by.

Take care.

hugs Brenda xxx