Thursday 16 April 2015

Visual Journey #16

I love happy accidents and that's what happened with todays journal pages. 

The pages were gessoed over and left to dry. I took weathered wood, antique linen and gathered twigs sprays with Tim's new typo and brick stencils to create the background. I sprayed through with the chosen colours and flipped the stencils to create other textures.

I noticed colours mixing and changing and when I looked at the full double spread I knew I wanted some spaces filled (mind you I think I over did it lol). So out came a thin paint brish, I sprayed the colours onto my craft mat and I began filling in some of the bricks and extending them beyond the stencil outline. I loved the effects so much you can see from the finished pages that I kept extending it more and more until the pages were almost full.

I had gathered a few collage pieces together including one of the found relatives and started altering and changing pieces as I was designing.

I had the film strip die-cut left over from another project and it seemed to fit in well here, so I added some of the small heritage photos cut from a TH paper stash.

The chit chat stickers were perfect for two reasons, one I was able to make up my own quote and secondly they reminded me of bricks, so they fitted in perfectly.

Wow I'm lovin' creating these pages and I've just worked out I have enough blank pages in the book to complete the whole year - yay.

Thanks for stopping by and a big thank you if you are leaving me comments. I know how time consuming it is and I really appreciate each and every one. Welcome also to new followers who have joined me recently, it's lovely to have you along on this creative and visual journey with me.

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Take care, enjoy Friday and have a great weekend.

hugs Brenda xxx