Thursday 11 April 2024

Flower Collage Dandelion Seed Head

 Hand Drawn Flower displayed with collage

Workshop Country View Crafts 2023 Deconstruct - Reconstruct

I am playing catch up keeping a record here of the samples I created for my workshop last year.

This is Flower Collage 1, it is actually a Dandelion seed head (clock).

We started  by looking at photos of the Dandelion clock and carefully unpicked the structure of the flower drawing each piece of it individually.

I then sketched and inked up the picture....

... and made a distress ink background and drew it again and painted in the leaves using the distress inks.

Finally I created the collage around it and displayed it in a black paper art book.

I have several more of these to come as I made lots of samples to give the participants a variety of collages as inspiration for putting theirs together.