Thursday 11 April 2024

Flower Collage Dandelion Seed Head

 Hand Drawn Flower displayed with collage

Workshop Country View Crafts 2023 Deconstruct - Reconstruct

I am playing catch up keeping a record here of the samples I created for my workshop last year.

This is Flower Collage 1, it is actually a Dandelion seed head (clock).

We started  by looking at photos of the Dandelion clock and carefully unpicked the structure of the flower drawing each piece of it individually.

I then sketched and inked up the picture....

... and made a distress ink background and drew it again and painted in the leaves using the distress inks.

Finally I created the collage around it and displayed it in a black paper art book.

I have several more of these to come as I made lots of samples to give the participants a variety of collages as inspiration for putting theirs together.


Friday 5 April 2024

Watercolour Play Album - Birch Trees

 I had watched a video of someone painting Birch trees and I really wanted to have a go. I found a photo on-line but neither the bases nor the tops of the trees were included, it was a mid-shot.

I took some time observing the tree trunks and trying to get a feel of the bark and I wanted to give a suggestion of some landscape around them.

I added some grasses at the bottom of the painting which then became the bases of the trees! I realised, when I'd finished, this didn't work as I had them all lined up like soldiers. Realistically they would be separated out as they must have been if we'd actually seen the bases of the trees themselves in the photo. The perspective is all wrong! - a learning curve to check out in the future.

But I still like the feel of the painting and am quite pleased with the tree trunks.


Wednesday 3 April 2024

Watercolour painting with Distress Watercolor Pencils

Coneflower or Echinacea

Set up with under drawing on smooth watercolour paper and pink colours mixed on my palette.

Wet on wet using the pink colours and clean water. I'm not yet at a stage where I can mix colours on a brush to achieve variations so I use different brush for each colour and mix with water. This was left to dry naturally as I didn't want the colours moved about more by drying with a heat gun.

As each layer progressed so the painting emerged ......

I finished off my painting by using black Uni-Ball pens to outline and add some squiggles for more interest.

If you are here visiting me, thank you for stopping by.



Tim Holtz Distress Watercolor pencils Spun Sugar, Worn Lipstick,Candied Apple, Blueprint Sketch, Back Soot, Mowed Lawn, Bundled Sage, Rustic Wilderness, Wild Honey, Chipped Sapphire.

Watercolour brushes sizes 4,6,8 and 10.

UniPin Fineliner Pens Black 0,1, 0.5, and 0.8

Monday 25 March 2024

Playing with Distress Watercolor Pencils - choosing the right stamps to colour up.

 Playtime just for me recently - no challenges or FB posts to think about just me wanting to explore how different stamps would work with the Distress Watercolor Pencils (DWPs) how they would stamp, the effects achieved and what to look out for when choosing my next stamps to work with.

Process steps -

Create a distress background with the dip, drip and dry method.

I haven't photographed it but I used a stamp platform for this technique which allows me to stamp over the same image as many times as I want as long as I don't remove the stamp.

I used wet DWPs on the stamp to get some depth of colour. To get them wet I just dipped them in a jar of water for a few seconds to activate the pigment and scribbled over the places I wanted the colour to be.

This stamp is from an old set of Tim Holtz stamps - Distress Damask CMS190 and although I love the damask designs this is definitely a stamp I would not use with the DWPs again. The etching of the stamps is so fine in many places the pigment from the pencils just lay in the tiny crevices and it was very hard to get a good outline of the images in it.
I will definitely add this to my new watercolour book as a reference point reminding me to look for stamps that have nice flat areas and space to get a good stamp from the coloured images.
Here you can see that I lay my wet pencils on a piece of kitchen roll between dippings and at times some colours might get to close to other pencils and leave some pigment behind on them.
I gently use damp kitchen roll or a babywipe to clean them up and leave them out for a while to dry out before putting them back in their tins.


Thursday 21 March 2024

Mad March Hare or a sweet Spring bunny 2 for Country View Crafts

 Mad March Hare or a sweet Spring Bunny? 

This is my second inspirational project for Country View Crafts March theme.
I do love making a piece of home decor especially for special occasions, so this has been added to my Easter display box.

Cut Tim Holtz Mr Rabbit die, prime with white gesso then pounce grey acrylic paint over it.

Take modelling paste and pounce over and dry.

Add some rusty looking areas and paint in an eye.

Add a circular top to a wooden box and gesso it all.
Scrape gesso over all areas with a palette knife and dry.
Use Scorched Timber, Walnut Stain, Hickory Smoke and Black Soot distress watercolor pencils to create drips and drops on the surfaces.

Use the tiny Tim Holtz Sidekick Order 'Springtime' pack of dies to cut the little rabbit from a scorched timber distress oxide background and the butterflies I cut from a leftover piece of distressed painty background. Add them to the box with some greenery from the Holiday Greens and Festive Gatherings dies.

I added moss and natural elements to the little nest I stuck the rabbit to.....

..... and I stuck this to a base and added more moss and sticks.

I have placed this piece of decor under a cloche to form part of an Easter display in my dining room.

Here is a shabby metal rabbit I have that gave me the inspiration for this project.


Supplies - products and brands from Country View Crafts

Tim Holtz Mr Rabbit die

DecoArt white gesso and white modelling paste.
DecoArt dark grey and quinacridone gold acrylic paint,
Tim Holtz distress ink scorched timber.

Tim Holtz distress oxide scorched timber.

Tim Holtz idea-ology salvaged rabbits.

Tim Holtz Sidekick Order 'Springtime' pack of dies. (Retired)

Tim Holtz Sizzix Holiday Greens

Tim Holtz Sizzix Festive Gatherings

Cosmic Shimmer glue

Tuesday 5 March 2024

Mad March Hare or a sweet Spring Bunny for Country View Crafts

Mad March Hare or a sweet Spring Bunny? 

This is my inspirational project for Country View Crafts March theme.

He who wanders is not lost

I found several Cottontails from the TH die that had been roughly scraped texture paste over them. Cottontail on the right is a plain die-cut, the one on the left is textured with some pencil details.
I chose the cottontail to use and with a graphite pencil I drew in some details of a hare/rabbit and then took Lost Shadow, Pumice Stone, Hickory Smoke, Black Soot and Scorched Timber distress watercolor pencils and coloured him in. These pencils are so versatile and I think bunny looks so much more realistic now.
I decided to make this hoppity into a collage panel so started to gather some pieces to work with - a background form my leftovers folder, Tim Holtz tissue paper, ephemera and entomology moth, stamped sentiment and 'Big Chat' word and spent time arranging them into a composition.
The composition changed a little as I firmed up how I wanted it to be.
And I fell in love with cottontail himself and his cute face.

There is a challenge every month on the Country View Crafts FaceBook page.


Supplies from Country View Crafts
Distress Watercolor Pencils
Collage paper
Big Chat
Ephemera Pack- Number Strips
Ephemera Pack - Layers - Urban
Stamps - Nature's Wonder CMS 343
Stamps - Entomology
Sizzix dies - Entomology
Distress ink - Scorched Timber

How can you tell that a rabbit is getting old? Look for the grey hares. 

What do you call a happy rabbit?    A Hop-timist

Why don’t rabbits get hot in the summer?  They have hare conditioning