Thursday 2 June 2011

On-line course with Claudine Hellmuth

Good evening everyone
Firstly a huge thank you to all of you who have so kindly left a comment on my Gingersnaps Visiting Artist 1 post. I am truly overwhelmed by your generosity and praise. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Secondly I forgot to say in that post that I am also a Ginger Gem this week for my art journal piece on cowboys and cowgirls. It just gets better doesn’t it?

Thirdly I have signed up to take an on-line course with Claudine Hellmuth on ‘Composition for Collage’.

Today was the start and I have watched the video and presentations, downloaded the handouts and images and now completed my home work. Good girl aren’t I?

I have to say this looks as though it’s going to be a great class with 4 separate assignments over a 4 week period and on-line support from Claudine herself. Today we looked at ‘composition structures’ and ‘asymmetrical balance’. Our homework was to make our own collage using Claudine’s or our own images.
This is my take on it.

P1080080a copy

The backing paper is DCWV; I provided the moth/butterfly, the word and the circular piece, the rest of the pieces are from Claudine’s collection. I hope I have created balance through an asymmetrical  composition and that it isn’t too cluttered. Let me know if there is movement, with your eye being drawn into the piece and that you can move around the collage taking in all the elements. I will welcome all ideas particularly where you feel it could be made better.

Thank you for visiting and taking a look.

luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

Edit - This was the comment Claudine gave me -  "great job!! super duper asymmetrical. the butterfly weights the left side well and balances out the image of the woman. if you wanted to play with it more you could add maybe 3 tiny round buttons or something round all in a row in a line above the image of the woman. that would fill that space a little and also repeat the circle you have to the left of the woman. Just a thought!!