Saturday 15 December 2018

12 cards of Christmas #2

Shabby mixed media Christmas cards

No: 2 got missed out of the sequence this week as I had taken all the samples to the Packhouse but I rushed back and managed to photo a couple before they all went.

Process Steps
1. Take a large piece of media paper and give it a quick coat of slightly watered down white gesso - dry.
2. Mix a watery wash of  raw umber and titanium white to create a very light beige colour and dip the media paper and dry several times.
3. Repeat with a watery wash of titan buff.
4. Splatter with watered down burnt umber - dry.
5. Cut the paper to your card size.
 6. With a palette knife drag some gesso over the card.

7. Using patterned papers cut lots of triangles of different sizes and ink the edges with ground espresso DI.
8. Adhere them to the card with the flat bottoms facing up and down along a horizon line. Put this under a heavy box to make sure it flattens out.
 9.Add a border and deer with a greeting to finish it off.

Just a couple of color variations with the border makes the difference with these two ......

 ...... and I cut the deer facing different directions.

So I've kept these two back to send to crafty friends whilst the others went to The Packhouse at Runfold near Farnham and are for sale in my selling space, although I went over recently and I think there is only one left.

I hope you are enjoying the series.

hugs Brenda xxx