Monday 8 June 2020

Revisiting old techniques - Scraped Gesso Layer

I've devised a number of techniques and layer combinations using acrylic paints over the years and I am returning to them for inspiration and to document them on media boards as a resource.

This one - Scraped Geso Layer - I taught at Ministry of Mixology in April 2019.

Process steps
1. Seal substrate with a layer of gesso.
2. Tear and add some tissue tape.
3. Dip in watery colour/s and dry.
4. Stamp text and/or numbers using black archival ink.
5. Scrape gesso randomly and lightly over the surface using a palette knife keeping it flat.
6. Splatter using leftover watery paint.
7. Create a dark frame firstly dabbling and spritzing some watery burnt umber mixed with quinacridone gold - dry.

8. Mix neat quinacridone gold with paynes grey and slide the brush around the very edge and dry.