Wednesday 7 February 2018

Panel 5 - Palaeontological Discoveries

Here's another of the little panels for the Fossil Journal I'm making using the Stampendous Fossils set of stamps and the Illusionary Artists Tech Trauma set, both by Andy Skinner.

Process Steps
1. Stencil the bubble shapes by mixing sap green, titan buff and raw umber media acrylic paints.
2. Paint over a light layer of sating finish varnish mixed with cobalt blue hue paint.
3 Stamp some text with watering can archival ink and dry.

4. Stamp some texture with coffee archival using the same set of stamps. Rub it straight of to get a smudged look.
5. Dip the panel in watery titan buff.
6. When dry - repeat with cobalt blue and burnt umber mixed together. - dry.
7. Splatter some titanium white acrylic paint.

8. Stamp and adhere the fossil.

9. Repeat step 2.

It's only a week and a half before I'm off to Stitches CHSI in Birmingham where I will be doing a couple of demos for Andy and meeting up with lots of amazing friends and artists in the industry. It's fabulous to go and see the stands, new products and chat to people. So as you can guess it's busy, busy, busy here making samples both for Andy and Di at Tando Creative. I can't wait.

Enjoy your week - I hope you can find some creative time for yourself too.

hugs Brenda xxx