Friday 18 January 2019

Mixed Media Winged Heart Tag

I made a heart tag for my first DT sample as part of the Andy Skinner Creative Team for 2019, well it is Valentine's Day coming up fairly soon.

Process steps
1. Take tag and give it a random coat of white gesso.

2. Paint dark grey acrylic paint mixed with a little water over the whole tag. Rub most of it away with kitchen paper and a babywipe if you want to remove more.

Use a small palette knife and scrape some white gesso lightly and randomly over the surface keeping the flat of the palette knife level with the tag. Dry and then repeat again over the same sort of area as you just did. This is to build a little more texture into the background.

Mix a little dark grey 50:50 with glazing medium and paint over the tag and gently rub back with dry kitchen roll and a babywipe.

Mix a little quinacridone gold with water, dribble on one place spritz with water and move around and dab some off with dry kitchen paper before drying. Repeat in another couple of random places.

Mix a little paynes grey with water and dribble around the edges, spritz with water and dry. I worked on about a 2 inch spread at a time.

Taking Andy's stencil and a 50:50 mix of modeling paste and gesso add the number and motif to the background.

Scrape what is left from the modeling paste/gesso mix to a torn piece of media card. Leave it to dry then colour up as we did on the background. Gather some torn muslin and little bits to create a collage ....

.... and stamp Andy's winged heart on patterned paper and cut it out.

Assemble the collage layer ....

.... and it was here I decided to stamp the specimen number - I used the stamp platform and stamped three times with black archival ink to get a good sharp image.

I so enjoyed making this tag. I think it's going to be a quinacridone gold year for me.


Andy Skinner - Stencil - French Elements
Andy Skinner - Stamps - Handle With Care and Skuldoggery
DecoArt - Media white gesso, Americana glazing medium, Media white modeling paste
DecoArt Media fluid acrylics - dark grey value 3, quinacridone gold, paynes grey
Tando Creative - Size 8 greyboard tag