Tuesday 19 July 2016

Dare to Create catch up 2

I did  the Sunday morning class with the amazing Tracy Weinzapfel at D2C a few weeks back and made this framed board in her style using Tracy stamps. 

I have added a few bits since I got home, the shading using a ground espresso distress marker and white drawing pencil .......

.... and some fun words - 'Summer days' and 'Special Moments'.

Although it's not my usual style I had great fun making it and will certainly use the techniques in my journal.

Hope you are loving the sun and warmth here in the UK, it's got to be the best weather of the summer so far ....... and I'm so happy my garden is looking lovely (thought I would add these as they fit the project above and were taken just now in the sunshine).

I love my pots and have various little groups of them round the back of the house and patio and most of them contain at least one Fuchsia - you'll see all my cuttings being grown on in pots. They are all hardy but it doesn't stop a few of them dying off over the winter.

The sun loungers are in the shade at the moment but they get the last sun of the day too.

Right off to go and meet up with Nikki for coffee or maybe that will be a frappuccino today!!!

Enjoy your week.

hugs Brenda xxxx