Thursday 7 May 2015

Visual Journey #19

These pages were inspired somehow by song lyrics - and I don't even like this song but it got stuck in my head during the making process.

I have been using oil pastels quite a bit recently and they live in a drawer full of other tins of artists colour supplies - for some reason I picked up my aquatone solid watercolor sticks and decided to have a play. I also had on my desk a wooden board with nine holes in so I used it as a stencil and coloured in the circles with the watercolours. When they were complete I 'painted' each one with matt medium and left them to dry overnight.

Step 2 was to create  wash background using stormy sky and weathered wood distress stains, spritzing them with water and letting then blend over the pages. The circles remained untouched by the colours as I was able to wipe the stains away easily.

I gathered some stencils with holes in and used some white acrylic paint to get a variety of sizes over the page. In many ways I wish I had used gesso as this acrylic doesn't have much pigment and blended into the page more than I wanted.

As I had the drawer open with tins of colour in I picked up my Inktense pencils and crayoned in different coloured auras around each circle and used a Paintbrush and water to blend and deepen them.

The white came in next with the posca pen .....

 ... and I added some stencilling ........

.... and some black and white stamping and stencilling to the circles .......

.... before finishing off with handwritten lyrics and a printed line from the song.

I hope it doesn't leave you with the tune spinning around in your head lol.

Thank you to everyone who leaves a comment and to those who join me in this amazing journey, I just love popping round and seeing how you are expressing yourself and sharing in your journals.

Here is the code for sharing the May collection on your blog, should you wish to ......

.... and I look forward to seeing pages from your visual journey over the next month. The link for you to join me is below.

Have a great end to the week .

hugs Brenda xxxx