Tuesday 18 August 2015

Distress micro glaze resist tutorial

I've enjoyed finding out how the distress micro glaze works recently and suddenly just wondered if it could be used as a resist - and guess what? It can.

It took me some experimenting to get the effects I wanted and several tags ended up in the bin but I finally got something I liked

To begin I took a mop up tag .....

... and one of the round mini blenders (which fits nicely into the micro glaze pot) and pounced it lightly in the micro glaze tub and then pounced it through a stencil. I followed Tim's instructions and gently rubbed it with my fingers (whilst the stencil is still in place) and when that felt as though it had rubbed in I took the stencil away and gently rubbed a paper towel over it.

 I then took some distress inks and blended them over the tag and you can see it partially worked. We have got a distressed imprint of the stencil image in some parts but the lighter area on the left side looks as though the micro glaze got rubbed away by the paper towel. I obviously hadn't rubbed it in well enough with my finger.

Here's a second mop up ......

.. with blended inks over it and this time it worked better but I think it was because of the large area exposed on the stencil.

And this is the third and you can just see on the photo below where I had rubbed on the micro glaze only this time I rubbed over it with a paper towel whilst the stencil was still in place and again gently after I took it off.

This time after I blended distress inks over it I got a much better impression and was really pleased with the result. If you look really closely on the lower part of the tag you can still see some of the distress from the first layer before the micro glaze was added.

So micro glaze seals distress inks so that they won't react with water again, it allows you to create more layers keeping the original design and colour underneath it. Tim has a great video on you tube which you should watch where he experiments with stamping and different types of paper/card.

Please let me know if you experiment with this technique and let me come and see your results and have fun. I'm off to finish these tags.

hugs Brenda xxx