Wednesday 31 October 2012

WOYWW #178

Sorry, missed last week again due to grandaughter still being in hospital and I went to visit her again today. This week is half term so I am looking after the two younger ones so that Dad can still work and Mum can have a week at the hospital and give GD some quality time. So with the story coming up here for WOYWW you will see I am busy, busy, busy.

This is a picture of my desk today, I have got no projects in the making, but have just completed my DT piece for the new Crafty Individuals challenge coming up for November. But why is the Sky box on my stamp tubs? And look at the floor and just outside the door - it's a complete mess. 

Let me tell you why.

Well it was the early hours of Saturday morning, around 12.30 am, the house was still and quiet as a mouse, when all of a sudden I sat bolt upright in bed and hubby, who hadn't come to bed yet, ran up the stairs in panic. Why? Due to an enormously loud crash, it sounded as if half the house had fallen down. Oh my gosh, what was going on? Indeed what?

I ran to the landing and put the light on, only to find I couldn't see the floor in the office/craft room. 
Oh my goodness ........................  

I bet you can see what's coming next .................... 

The shelves above my workspace had completely come away from the wall and everything, yes everything, had slid off and fallen over the workbench and onto the floor. I couldn't believe the mound it had created - at least four foot tall.

I had to smile about it or else I think I would have cried. Paper, card, boxes, tubs, brushes, markers, glue, paint, yes you name it, it all came a tumbling down. Oh well no more to do than clear the floor so that hubby could get to the shelves and make them safe before going to bed. 

Of course I did get told that I had far too much stuff on the shelves and things that were far too heavy too. Yeah I knew that.

So this is what my landing and spare bedroom looked like the next morning. I have almost cleared it, filling tubs and boxes and stacking them in the garage for now. The room will have to be completely gutted and I am going to design a new layout from scratch.
See there is an opportunity in everything if you look for it.

I hope you are having a better time than me at the moment, but we will keep smiling, no use crying over spilt milk.

Happy WOYWW.

hugs {brenda} xox