Tuesday 4 January 2011

Art Journal Day 2

This is Day 2 -  to Zendoodle a Zebra Mandela and then cut it up mixed media style.

Another day and more fun with my art journal and following the inspiration for January from Milliande.
If you've never tried something like this before why don't you pop over and have a look to see if it's something for you. You are not left to your own devices, Milliande videos her creative take to give you inspiration and even helps out by providing you with a drawn mandela for you to doodle on.

 Here is my take on the theme.

Sketchy things like this certainly free your inhibitions, allow your creativity to flow and allow you to let go of some of that 'control' that we often feel we need to have when creating and making. Maddie will be proud of me.

I am now a couple of days behind, but that doesn't matter. I will do bits when I can.

Have fun and thanks for taking a look.

luv {brenda} xoxox