Wednesday 22 June 2016

Journalling for Success #3 and #4

I had a wonderful day on Saturday at Pickwell Farm teaching a new workshop which was a follow up to one I did earlier in the year. This was the the last in the series exploring texture, colour and  how to meld napkin images seamlessly onto your pages using a mixed media style and also how to use white space to create a more open and less busy page.

These are the pages using napkin images where I tried to recreate the feel of the sea ....

... and here the pages that leave white space as part of the overall design which people said they had the most problem with.

Here are some of the pages created by the fabulous group, sadly I can't find the list I made to tell me which ones belonged to who but in attendance, Becky, Val, Corrine, David, Pam, Di and Helena such a shame that three cancelled at the last minute.

With apologies for the photo quality, they were all taken quickly on the phone and no time to lay them out and line them up nicely but I think you will agree they still did a magnificent job.

Thanks for stopping by. I will be back soon.

hugs Brenda xxx