Wednesday 16 March 2016

Wanderlust Tangled Journaling

Part of the Wanderlust journey is to look at zentangles, a perspective from Beckah Krahula and although I don't consider myself to be a zentangler in any way, shape or form I was very interested in her processes and ways of keeping her zentangle experiments and ideas together. She uses what she calls decks and going through the videos I was totally taken in by her love of line, colour and experimentation creating little 'packs' of cards that remind her of a time, place or feeling in her life as well as the practice she puts in to create her wonderful work. She is a teacher and author and her work can be found on the internet. If you like doodling I recommend you go find out about her.

I've made several of her folders and added a cover to mine ....

 ... it fits right round the folder and allows me to put a belly band over it to keep it closed.

I've been playing with Beckah's ideas making a little pen guide and experimenting with a study in line to begin with .......

 I got so involved I ended making a whole deck of cards from her teaching.

... even adding my own notes on the reverse so I can just pick up the little folder and have  a way to remind myself of the learning.

 I think these study cards and practices will be useful when I want to pick up some pattern making and doodling again.

 And here is the little folder, closed up and ready to keep in a folder for another day.

Now as I said I am not a zentangler but I love little drawings and this work inspired me to go off in my own direction of creating another little folder with some simple designs I could use on journal pages. Pop back on Friday to see what I have been playing at....... oh and don't forget Friday is the last day to enter my give-away - see the details on my side bar.

Thanks for reading and sharing something different for me.

hugs Brenda xxx