Thursday 4 June 2020

Revisitng old techniques - Messy painty layers

This post has been in draft form for over a year and not posted, so I've updated it and created one of my technique resource boards to go with it.
I used the DecoArt Premium range of acrylic paints and gesso on this, but it would work just as well with the Media range of paints and mediums.
Put some colours into a palette add some water and mix so that you can drop and splatter with them.

 Cover a piece of strong A4 card with gesso and immediately flick two of the colours over it.
Spritz with water and let colour move around - rub some in gently if it remains too thick.

 Press the substrate into the card and lift - you will transfer some squished gesso and colour to the surface.

Repeat this process using different colours. If the substrate seems too wet heat dry before pressing again.

Add a little more gesso as well as colours ......

Press and lift several more times ....

.... until you are happy with the results. Here is the journal and cover I made with it.

Here I tried  the same sort of technique but instead of using paints in the gesso I used Amsterdam acrylic inks.

I dipped and pressed the media board in it .....

.... and continued adding more gesso and inks to the card, dipping and pressing the board and drying between layers until I was happy with the finish.

Eh voila, quite a nice squishy background for the seahorse.