Thursday 13 December 2018

12 Days of Christma Cards #3

Collage Christmas cards 3

More Christmas cards made for The Packhouse and some for crafty friends maybe!

The backgrounds were made by dipping the card into watery paints and dried then I added some strips of wash and tissue tapes and gently dry brushed some gesso over them to tone them down a bit.

I sifted through my paper dolls to choose the ones I wanted ......

..... and I gathered up some off-cuts of patterned papers and built up some collage layers for the dolls to sit on. At this point I added some stitching

When making cards I try to get a bit of a production line going and use different colour variations.

Before I glued the collage layers on the card I rubbed an embossing ink pad lightly round the edges. sprinkled on sticky embossing powder and when heated I laid foil papers on to create more interest and add some shiny focal areas. unfortunately they don't show up well in the photos.

I had some spare snowflakes so I inked the edges and added them to the cards with some festive words.

These are for sale at The Packhouse, Runfold near Farnham in my selling space.

Many thanks for your continuing support and ...