Friday 26 November 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

Look 1 award and given to me twice this week.

How fantastic -  Thanx Kathy and thanx Rebekah who have both given me this award. I love it.

So to receive this award I need to
-thank the person who gave it to me (done above)
- share 8 things myself
- pass award on to 8 other bloggers
- contact them to let them know

It's hard to think of things I haven't already said before - but -
1. I have my nails 'gelled' regularly as I like the polished look
2. I just love Christmas and decorate the whole of the downstairs and have a tree in the living room and in the conservatory (and often have one on the front door step too).
3. I have just found out my job role disappears with the new education white paper so I may well be out of work by Easter next year.
4. I am going to New York for New Year.
5. I have invites to a wedding in Cyprus and another in Italy next year.
6. I have already booked tickets for the Isle of Wight Festival next June - yay Kings of Leon are playing.
7. I only drink coffee - I hate tea.
8. I need to lose weight.

Eight lovely people I am passing this on to -

Georgie, June, June, Annette, Sarah, Edith, Susie, Sue.

Hooray it's the weekend and Ella's school Christmas Fair tomorrow.

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing.

luv {brenda} xoxox