Thursday 6 June 2013

A special thank you

Recently I made a small garden caddy and dear Astrid left a lovely comment and said about how she had some ideas brewing to use the design, she made some fabulous creations which you can see Here and Here with a couple of the caddy die-cuts I sent her. Also recently she altered a wooden planter to make this incredible piece that I adore. For some reason in the past couple of years I seem to have an affinity with chickens - don't know why!! - and this gorgeous cockerel really caught my eye.

So having asked Astrid where he came from, look what arrived in the post for me.

A wonderful collection of napkins, which is what Astrid used for her box. You can see there is such a variety which will be useful for so many projects, including that wonderful rustic chicken.

I also received a very special bit of Astrid's art, this gorgeous tag. 

I feel so lucky to have such wonderful blogging friends who support you when you are dealing with problems, who share their fun and creativity and their supplies lol.

Thank you Astrid for your generosity and your kindness.

hugs {brenda} x0x