Friday 10 March 2017

Make your own frames 3

I'm sharing one of my altered frames and this one originally was dark grey plastic and bought for £1 at the pound shop. It now holds a lovely vintage photo of my MiL.

1.  Give the plastic frame a coat of dark colour DecoArt chalky paint and dry - I used cameo. Just cover the raised areas with a second coat.

2.  Gently rub a fine layer of Vaseline on some of the raised areas and give a coat of light chalk paint - I used whisper.  Repeat as necessary and dry.
3. Use a cheap nail file to lightly rub the raised areas to rub away some of the light paint and reveal the red underneath. Do not rub hard as you will rub back to the plastic.

4.      Wipe the frame over with a soft cloth to get rid of all the dust.
5.      Distress and age the frame by using clear and brown wax. Leave to dry.

And there you have a great vintaged frame for just a few pence. It looks great n the windowsill in my conservatory.

Have fun making your own and have a great weekend whatever you have planned.

hugs Brenda xxx