Tuesday 25 July 2017

Technique Tuesday #3 - Coarse Stucco - DecoArt

I've called this Coarse Stucco and there are two with slight variations of textures here. I have also included a technique called monoprinting to create layers. I'll come back to this in more detail another time.

Apply texture sand paste to substrate with a palette knife and dab the flat side over it to roughen it up. Leave to dry. I used greyboard and didn't prepare it in any way.

Dabble on three watery washes of  chosen colours, spritz and dry each layer separately until the paint has covered the whole piece. I used hansa yellow light, cerulean blue and viridian.

Take a small piece of card and brush paint over it and press onto the surface of the coloured piece. This is called monoprinting.
Monoprint titan buff ...

... and titanium white over the surface. It will stick to the higher points and leave the colour showing through underneath.

For my second sample I used a piece of card and began by sealing it with a coat of gesso before scraping the texture sand paste over it with a palette knife, just as if I was buttering a slice of bread and then when it was dry I dabbled the paints over again (I used the same colours plus a very little burnt umber to mute them a bit). You can see where the colours have been absorbed more intensely by the paste and the lighter channels of the watery washes inbetween.

Again I did the monoprinting with titan buff ....

.... and titanium white and got some quite different effects but used almost the same steps.

You can see another example here.

Thanks for popping by again this week and all your lovely comments on the techniques and the graphic for pinning. See you again next week with another technique for you to pop into your library of things to try.

hugs Brenda xxx