Friday 10 September 2010

It's not my birthday BUT .......

Hey, I won a prize, even though it's not my birthday (see post below to understand that comment, hehe).

Coco with roses, which was my MAWTT challenge card last week, won at Crafty Ann's Challenge Blog and I get to choose some digital goodies, including papers, coloured image and 2 x digital images. Wow that's alot isn't it? What a great prize to have.

I just had to post these photos after all the starting school things I have made recently. Ella's first day in her new school uniform. She certainly seems happy about it and by all accounts she has enjoyed it. I shall see her tonight and she can tell me all about it. I can't wait.

Outside the school gate, having had a good day.

All 3 of my gorgeous girls.
Maddison (the youngest) started nursery this week as well. She walked in, turned round and said 'Bye Mummy' and she's only 2, bless her. Becca is at secondary school and chooses her options for GCSEs at the end of the year. Oh my!!!!!!

We are having a celebration dinner tonight, so I am looking forward to seeing the whole family together. Maddie didn't want a big gathering, so we are all going to see Ditrty Dancing at the Aldwych Theatre in London in October. That should be fun.

Have a good evening.

Luv B xxxx

Happy Birthday Maddie

It's the 10th September and it's Maddie's 30th Birthday, I can't believe those years have gone by so quickly - I don't think she can either. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE - LUV YA.

I also need to say happy birthday to my Mum who is 81 today, what a lovely present she had in 1980 when Maddie was born. It's also Malcome's birthday, cousin to Ken and Vicky's birthday, who is the daughter of some very good friends of ours. In fact I have 9 birthdays this month, it just so happens 4 of them are today!!!!

Well here is Maddie's finished book. I posted the front cover on Sunday, this is now the rest of it.
The inside cover and first page, grunged, stamped and collage.

The next page distressed and stamped. The following section is an envelope also distress etc in which she can put receipts etc.
The other side of the envelope.
The inside back cover.
The very back cover.
Showing the inside pages altogether.
and of course it is ......

I hope she likes it. Don't forget she is the girl with a degree in graphic design and can be very critical -
in a nice way of course.

I have to say I am very pleased with it, so that's something.

Happy birthday if you have a birthday too today.

Take care. Luv B xxxx