Wednesday 16 May 2018

Follow In My Footsteps - Thoughtful

I am so enjoying making these small collages with backgrounds made by following the steps of a previous project I am particularly happy with.  I want to make more use of my own creative processes.

 This is the third in this mini series and the original post from which I re-created the steps is HERE.

The steps to follow can be found by visiting a Vintage Collage Tag, created in July 2017.

DecoArt Chalky Finish paints in relic, lace, rustic, revive, raw umber, burnt umber and quinacridone gold.
Tinting Base
Text stamp
Collage ephemera

Last week's panel was called Soulful and is one I am definitely keeping but this might be given away next weekend at Ministry of Mixology. I'll see how I feel about it lol.

Thank you for sharing my creative journey with me.

“Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.” 

Find time to create or enjoy some art sometime soon.


froebelsternchen said...

So utterly beautiful! Gorgeous!
Happy spring dear Brenda!
Hugs, Susi

Annie said...

such a fabulous make Brenda and I just love the amazing details/layers

TFS and huge hugs
Annie xx

Mrs.B said...

A gorgeous piece Brenda.
Avril xx

Gina said...

You definitely have a "style" of your own, beautiful XXX

Astrid Maclean said...

Such a great idea and the process you followed makes for stunning effects, - those backgrounds look amazing and you have just inspired me to take out my chalky finish paint and tinting base. The collage elements on all of these pieces is of course just perfect too, love both this and the earlier ones!!!

Anita Houston The Artful Maven said...

LOVE that you are keeping on with what works for you and that you love...sometimes we get so busy that we forget to do that. Love the layers and collaging, really gorgeous!

Kate Yetter said...

SO pretty! Your neutral color scheme and the texture is lovely.

Susanne said...

Beautiful Brenda! Love the background and the dots, and all the layers.

Words and Pictures said...

I really love the delicate neutrals of this one. I know exactly what you mean about making use of one's own processes - that journey of what's "me", and then using and re-exploring what I decide is "me" without thinking of it as repetitive... it's a lesson worth learning, and I think you're doing it beautifully with these little panels.
Alison x

A Pink said...

Those neutral tones used so creatively with your natural flair for collage make for a fabulous mini piece of art.
Love the idea of using your own processes for a 'mini series'.