Monday 22 May 2017

Gardening cabbage card

Hi It's my turn to share a project over at Country View Crafts Project Blog and I've used a new set of stamps and a stencil from Scrapcosy at PaperArtsy.

More details and photos are available on the CVC Project Blog if you are interested.

I thought I'd also show you me getting my cast changed last tuesday, but it will be off again on wednesday when I visit the fracture clinic again. Last week the consultant confirmed I have a broken ankle (not leg). He frightened me to begin with as he talked about maybe needing an operation but after having some weight bearing x-rays I came home with a full plaster cast and instructions to move around more and to try putting a little weight on it, but he still wants to see me again on Wednesday for another check up. So although I was hoping to get back on my feet quite quickly the news could have been worse, I've just got to take next steps he's told me to do and I'm taking it all in my stride lol. Just gotta keep going!! 

The old cast coming off.

The swelling and the bruises are going down.

This time I have a fibreglass weight bearing cast put on .....

.... and have a little shoe to wear with it lol.

Thanks for stopping by.

hugs Brenda xxx


Desire Fourie said...

Brenda I just love your veggie card and the little twine bow is the perfect finish. So sorry about your injury. Wishing you a complete recovery soon.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Valerija said...

Beautiful card. Love the image and colours.
I hope, your leg will be better soon.
Valerija xx

Dortesjs said...

ooh dear hope you are doing fine. Lovely card you did

froebelsternchen said...

It takes it's time now - but you will manage to come back to normal very soon I guess!
All the best for your poor, colourful foot!
The fibreglass weight bearing cast with the shoe looks most fashionable and sportive now!!!
What a beautiful card - a fantastic green - specially love that background - the motifs are super!
Wishing you a fast recovery - a good new week for you!!
oxo Susi

Annie said...

Love you gardening card Brenda xxxx So glad that you have a different cast on and great news that you do not require an operation. Maybe you will get a boot next time as that what my son has and it makes such a difference.
Sending huge hugs
Annie xxxx

Patty O'Malley said...

Awesome gardening card, Brenda! I bet it felt good to get the cast changed. It's good you won't need surgery. I hope the healing process progresses quickly!

Lisa said...

What a gorgeous card!! I love the image of the cabbage and the background!! So beautiful!!

Oh gosh, what a colorful leg you have. I'm so glad you don't need an operation. I hope the pain goes away and you heal quickly. Sending lots of get well hugs :)

A Mermaid's Crafts

Redanne said...

Before I go over to see your beautiful card I just wanted to wish you well on Wednesday, hope the swelling and bruising are much less and that you are well on the road to recovery! Big hugs, Anne xx

Corrie Herriman said...

Fab card; leg not so fab ! Get well soon Brenda !
Corrie xx

Mrs.B said...

So glad to read you don't need an operation Brenda, but it's obviously a very nasty break judging by the swelling and bruising, fingers crossed for Wednesday's appointment.
Great gardening card, so crisp and fresh.
Avril xx

maria's knutselplezier said...

What a gorgious card Breda, your legg, looks not so healty, but will be better in 6 weeks I'm sure, Get well soon Brenda and enjoy the beautiful weather and the free time as much as you can!!!


Astrid Maclean said...

Just been over to look at your card and it's wonderful!Love how you did the background! Thanks also for showing us those photos, lol, what a hoot to capture it all (and then share it), don't think I would be brave enough)....Fingers crossed for tomorrow, hope there will be good news! Hang in there my friend xxx

sarascloset said...

A real beauty of a card, Brenda! I love the way you have colored the cabbage head and your use of the stencil. Happy to hear you are making progress. Being able to weight bear is great news! Hope you get even more great news today. Hugs!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Oh Brenda Lol! what a sight! Love the leg colours, very arty! but I'm surprised you haven't decorated the cast! I have to say those stamps are perfect for you "Scrapcosy" hee! hee! as you are crafting cosy on your sofa! Love it. Anyhow... I like the card too! Happy crafty week, Angela xXx

SewPaperPaint said...

Bless your sweet heart, that looks terrible!!! :( But glad you are on the mend and able to put a little weight down. What a lovely card this is, how I love that green! Love the stamps and you've used this one beautifully! Hugs, Autumn

Kate Yetter said...

Beautiful card!!! I absolutely love that cabbage and the monot one color scheme. Hope your ankle heals quickly. Doesn't look like fun. :(

rachel said...

a great card Brenda - great looking cabbage too! This will make you laugh - for some bizarre reason it put me in mind of the cabbages I used to use to help soothe my boobs when they were sore from breastfeeding - I know too much information!!!!Sorry! Funny to see your cast being changed - hope the shoe makes it more comfortable! Big hugs my lovely! Rachel x

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh dear! I know exactly how you feel having had a broken ankle when my kids were little! Your card is beautiful - I was tempted by those stamps but as yet still on my list! Hope your recovery goes well! Chrisx

Unknown said...

Come LETTUCE reason together.... hehehehe - and here is my theory....

If you, dear Brenda, can make a card saying life is good while going thru all your challenges then the rest of us REALLY need to count our blessings!!! You are amazing!

And so is this card. It's really just so CUTE and HAPPY and FUN.

Thinking of you... a LOT. Xj.

Susanne said...

Very nice garden card Brenda, I like the background and the texture on the "gardening-word". I'm sorry to hear about your leg, but I hope you will be fine soon. Good to have a kind husband who can help you out so you can be creative in your sofa. Take care! /Susanne

Jackie PN said...

Oh dear Brenda!! The bruising made me shiver!!
Right after I read your post about your leg, we went camping for a few days. Well, first day there, I rolled my ankle in a pothole because I was looking ahead instead of down. Thankful to say, the worst of me was road rash on my right knee and hand- much better now, but must admit, i thought of you instantly and was fearing the worst,praying for the best! Geesh- when did it get so hard to walk? haahaa
Wishes for continued healing my friend!

Love the veggie card- perfect for the spring planting season!
Jackie xo

A Pink said...

Wonderful card! Brenda. You really have brought those stamps to life. Gorgeous colour ways and love the background.
You poor love-all that bruising and swelling! You are rocking the little shoe - who needs laboutins hey lol .
Joking apart I do hope you are healing well and your injury time will very soon become a distant memory .
take care
hugs x