Saturday 27 April 2013

Testing blogger app

I have downloaded the blogger iPad app and am testing it to see how it works. The reviews aren't very good. I can see how to write a post and publish it. There doesn't seem to be any way to add photos and I can't see how to publish a post I have updated. (Aha playing has just solved that problem). There are no editing tools and of course the layout is different to the real blogger on the web. However the main positive for me is that I will at least be able to edit scheduled and draft posts when I go on holiday which will be useful, but I won't be able to create a post with photos so its very limiting.
Back tomorrow with my PanPastel post.
Have a great Saturday. (Spell check works as well).
Hugs Brenda xox


Jenny Marples said...

Most impressed Brenda! Blogging on holiday is dedication in the extreme. Hugs, Jenny x

Redanne said...

I do so admire people who are this up to date with technology - I wonder if DH will let me have a play on his wizardy thingy........ hugs, Anne x

Ink Art Designs said...

Way to go Brenda!!! You'll be able to add in holiday updates :)))
Dot x

Nan G said...

Hi, are you using BlogPress ? You can add pics, edit existing posts and add links to other sites. I've been using it now for a few and the only I can't do is spell check. I take pics, edit them and post them all on the iPad! Hugs

Terry said...

From what I read, you have to do it via a special e-mail request with blogger. You actually e-mail the photos and text, but can't really do linking, etc. You can do pretty much everything with a tablet as long as you have a WiFi connection. Hugs!

Kasha Rolley said...

I am using the BlogPress and it is great, you can upload pictures.