Thursday 4 April 2013

More snow

Just a quick post from me today.

Firstly look what is happening outside in the South of England this afternoon. It's the 4th of April and Spring should have sprung but this persistent winter just keeps on hanging in there.

Luckily I have been at the craft shop with a fabulous group of ladies making collage cards. They wanted to make the one I had made in January and here are their versions.

Thanks ladies for a lovely morning of fun and creativity. Several of them will be back with me on Saturday when we will be making a domino book. I look forward to showing you that one.

I hope you are tucked up somewhere nice and warm today - oh my gosh I have just looked out of the window and the wind is now causing blizzard conditions and the snow is beginning to settle quite fast. We are going out tonight so I hope it doesn't last long.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

hugs {brenda} x0x



Dagmar said...

Wow - snow - no, I want Spring. But here it is still cool - 5 C and the sun is gone.
Your cards are great work - on such a handicraft group I would have also fun.

lisa said...

Oh No Brenda. More snow!!! What is going on. I hope it clears for you. It's quite nice here in Yorkshire at the minute, sunshine but a cold wind, but at least we are managing to get outside a bit.
The cards your ladies have made are gorgeous. At least you are making the most of the awful weather.
Keep Warm,
Hugs Lisax

Kathyk said...

Lovely makes from everyone.

More snow? I heard the south east was getting hit today and it would appear so! Take care.

Whilst we've had snow here it's so light that it will NEVER settle!

Happy Thursday


Joan said...

We've had sunshine all day here in North Yorkshire but blimey its a bitterly cold wind ! Lovely cards,wish I was near enough to join your classes

Joan said...
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Redanne said...

The cards that your ladies made are all beautiful. I would so love to be close enough to do the altered domino class...... hope the snow does not last. Hugs, Anne x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Your ladies did so well! Cold here too (just up the road) but it's ok as I sent Col out to Tesco. I am making him a warming meal though,

Lucy x

Jenny Marples said...

Hope that weather disappears soon although the forecaster isn't quite so optimistic :( Glad to see you've been encouraging 'your ladies' to create such beautiful cards. Hugs, Jenny x

Netty said...

the ladies have done well and am sure they enjoyed themselves.....snow....oh no not again. We haven't had snow but very icy winds....brrr.
Hugs Annette x

catherine said...

What fabulous card from the class today and sounds like everyone had a great time. I wonder too if this winter will ever want to go. Keep warm and craft instead
x catherine

craftytrog said...

Lovely cards from those lucky ladies Brenda!
I've been tucked up in my craft room, looking out at the snow. It's good crafting weather, at least! :o)
Alison xx

Words and Pictures said...

Great looking cards... must've been a great class - looking forward to the domino books. Stay warm in the snow - I've just found out we're due another 20cm tomorrow here in CZ too!
Alison x

Margreet said...

So lovely to see the different cards with the same supplies!
Here we don't have had any snow, but the wind is so cold, almost freezing cold....when does spring arrive?
xxx Margreet

Rossella said...

Ooh I wish I was there doing that too, Brenda. They are all fab.
Rosie x

Jennie Atkinson said...

Fabulous cards - I wish I lived nearer! Looking forward to seeing the domino book.

Lovely day here in the far north - sunny but cold. Feels like everyone south is getting the weather we should be getting!

Terry said...

Enjoy your evening out and hopefully the weather will improve!!! Lovely grouping of cards from the class and you can tell they had a great time! Hugs!

Astrid Maclean said...

Wow what great cards your ladies made. Looks as if fun was had by all! Sorry to hear the snow is still persisting......

Sophie said...

Oh, Brenda, hier ist es auch ziemlich kalt, und heute scheint noch nicht einmal mehr die Sonne.
So langsam werde ich depressiv, wenn es nicht endlich wärmer wird :-)

Liebe Grüße
Sophie xx

Junibears said...

Those cards your ladies made are beautiful, very well done!
We have blue skies abd sunshine today but still bitterly cold.
Lots of love! xx

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Beatful work of all the ladies Brenda.
lovely greet

Gio said...

Snow? Brrrrrrrrrrr!!

Hope your creative weekend could warm you a little bit :-)

Lynn Stevens said...

OH NO... More snow? Say it ain't so!!!!

What a fun class that must have been Brenda, Your student's did a wonderful job on their cards.
Hugs Lynn

Von said...

This blooming weather just won't go will it :( still got some sunshine today hope you have too :)
Von ♥

Martina said...

Oh Brenda, hat can`t be true! Snow tin April! I have the impression that there is no longer spring! 6 months winter! That's not normal......

The cards that your ladies made are all beautiful.

Have a nice weekend my friend.

Marjie Kemper said...

They're lovely! I bet everyone had a fabulous day. Sorry the snow won't let up.... we're seeing spring here at last, so hold out hope!

Kim Dellow said...

ooo fab Brenda, looks like you all had fun and fab makes all. Yeah tired this snow - need some sun now! Kimx

Unknown said...

Such a stunning card Bren! Love this! Chris xxx