Friday 26 October 2012

Maddie's Skydive

Just a quickie from me today to show you some pictures taken when Maddie, my daughter, did her skydive which was only 10 days ago.

She is a youth worker in the evenings and in the budget cuts Hampshire council have dropped the funding for youth clubs across the county. Her manager with the support of the other youth workers, including Maddie, have set up a charitable trust and have got funding to continue the Youth Club and outreach work they do. They are very focussed on education as well as support and guidance for the young people of the Fleet area. Five of them raised over £2500 for Fleet Phoenix.

 Getting kitted up - Maddie is furthest to the right.

Out of the plane and parachute open.

Getting nearer the ground - another of her group can be seen in the background.

Getting nearer still.



Her comments? "It's certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience".

Don't think she'll be doing that again in a hurry then lol.

Well done Maddie, I am very proud of you.

Hope you all have a great weekend. 
I am looking forward to going to see my grandaughter tomorrow. 
I just hope she's making some progress again now. I will update you on Sunday.

Happy Friday.

hugs {brenda} xox



Margreet said...

Great pictures daughter did a skydive in the Pyrenees when she was a teenager and she loved it very much...hope Becca is feeling a bit better...sent my card on Wednesday...wishing you a fab weekend!
xxx Margreet

scrappymo! said...

Wow...she is so brave! Great news that they raised all that money!!!

Inkypinkycraft said...

Fab pictures ...will make my card this weekend! Well done to your brave!!!trace x

Terry said...

Her jump was a "once in a lifetime" for many of us that will never do that! What a brave girl and you must be so proud! So glad that they were able to raise money for such a worthwhile cause! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hugs!

Sue said...

Well done her!!! have a great weekend Brenda huggles hun xxx and hope your grandaughter is on the mend

Anonymous said...

How amazing and rightly you are proud of her, what an achievement especially when she put herself through this to raise funds.

Words and Pictures said...

Blimey Moses - rather her than me... but what a fantastic effort in a great cause... congratulations, Maddie!
Alison x

Daniele said...

what abrave girl she is, I've always fancied ago but not sure I would cope mind you if I was strapped to a hunk that might make it all the more

Ink Art Designs said...

Hi fav pic I think (after the safe landing one lol) is the walking away from it all one!
Dot x

Von said...

Gosh you heart must have been going nineteen to the dozen waching her ! Well done to her and the team for raising such a huge amount to carry on the good work :)
Von ♥

2amscrapper said...

Great photos! My heart would have been in my throat the whole time watching. Thanks for visiting my blog during the Gecko Galz hop. I'm thinking about your granddaughter. Please give me the addy for a card.

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Wow how brave is she??? You must have been beside yourself, I couldnt watch if one of mine did the jump! Hope your little one is on the mend now? hugs Heidi xx

craftytrog said...

Well done Maddie! Bet your heart was in your mouth Brenda! xx

Lynn Stevens said...

My DH used to sky dive, Me... I'll keep my feet firmly planted on the ground Thank you very much. LOL
Good for her though!!
hugs Lynn

Marjie Kemper said...

Kudos to Maddie!