Friday 1 October 2010

Blog Award

I want to say a big thankyou to my team-mate Hazel at MAWTT for giving me this great blog award. I have only been blogging since January and I can't believe how many blogging friends I have made. It's lovely to know there are like minded people who appreciate what you do. Thanks Hazel and I would return it back and send it to all my MAWTT team mates but since you all have it I will send it on to other friends.

Now  have to tell you seven things about myself.
1. I hate ironing.
2. I love Christmas.
3. I celebrated my 36th weddng anniversary this year. (I was a child bride.....)
4. My family, and particularly my grand-daughters, are the love of my life.
5. I work in Oxfordshire (but I don't live there).
6. Crafting has become my number one pastime since I gave up full time work.
7. I have 2 cats, both brothers. The black one is called Cimmie (starting with a 's' sound) and the dark brown is called Tinder.

Seven lovely bloggers I am sending this on to are -

Cheryl - Cheryl's creative cards and ATCs
Dawn - Dawnie's Den
Choccy - It's not Terry's It's Mine
Kathy - Purple Princess Diaries
Sarah - Sarah Wright Designs
Zoe - This Little Place
Joyce - Gram's Treasures
See you all soon. Luv B xxxxx


Choccy said...

Ooh Brenda..
Thankyou sooo much for the award :O) I will get it added onto my blog as soon as i can think of 7 sensible things to write about me hehe.
Choccy xx

cheryl said...

Ohhh Brenda hun you are so kind bless your cotton socks as my gran used to say,bless her heart so kind of you too think of me hun will add it to my side bar thanks again hun totally honoured you thought of me,love hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Zoechaos said...

Thank you Brenda am very flattered that you have included me in your lucky seven. xx Zoe

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ohhh I hate ironing too. Its horrible. My
Mum was a child bride too as they have been married 41 years now!!! Eack!!! Well Done you xxx Glad you like the award, Love Hazelxoxox

craftymum said...

Thank you Brenda for thinking of me. As soon as i get a minute I will put it on my blog.
Actually I o9ve ironing as long as I am watching a craft program at the same time!!!!
Love sarah

Unknown said...

Thanks for the award Brenda. As the internet is slow here & I am unsure of my download limit, I will leave it until I get back to be on the safe side. Thanks you again for thinking of me. xxx