Tuesday 24 August 2010

Another blog award

I can't believe I have received this award again. Thankyou Lisa, it doesn't matter how many times I receive it - each time it is special from that person, which means alot to me.

As I have already kept to the rules for receiving it and sent it onto 10 others I will keep this one all for myself. I think I will go and make a coffee and have a little treat with it. How good is that??

Have a great day Lisa and thankyou for being such a good blogging friend.

Luv B xxx

1 comment:

Lisa Jane said...

Its my pleasure Brenda - thanks for being a wonderful friend and an inspiration
Enjoy that coffee.... i am having a vanilla slice with mine as i have had some very very good news today ... so as i am sat on my own i will consider you are celebrating with me too with your cuppa coffee and treat.... CHEERS!
ps my good news will be posted this evening.