Wednesday 1 April 2020

Mixed Media Spring cards

Showcasing new Tim Holtz dies available from Country View Crafts.

I used a piece of A5 card which ended up being cut in half ready to make two 5x7" cards then decided to change the background for the second one at the end.

Process steps

1. Scrape a layer of tinting base over the card using a palette knife.
2. Mix a watery wash using the most tiniest pin prick amounts of cobalt teal and grey paint. Dip and dry.
3. Into what is left of the wash add a tiny amount of primary yellow and repeat step 2.
4. Mix a new wash of prussian blue and repeat step 2.

5. Add tiny dots of the yellow, cobalt and prussian blues on a palette. Take a stencil, a small blender with blending foam and a water spritzer. Spritz over the stencil so water goes through onto the background, pick up tiny amounts of one or two of the colours at a time and blend through the stencil and dry.

6. Choose an embossing powder - I mixed a little of Wendy Vecchi's fern green and watering can together and used the text stamp from Tim's entomology set.
7. Use snippets of offcuts to die-cut the birds and cases and make up.

8. For a background variation ink the inside of the botanical 3d texture fade and run through the Big Shot several times with a damp piece of card.

9. Die-cut a couple of wildflowers to match the colour palette.
10. Ink edges. assemble and mount on cards.


Andy Skinner Artist Pigment Paint - cobalt hue, primary yellow, prussian blue, 
Andy Skinner Matt Chalk Paint - olive grove
Andy Skinner - resist paste