Tuesday 21 June 2011

Vignette Collage - 2nd homework

This is my second piece of homework for a vignette collage. Claudine's comment for my last piece was fantastic - she said - "A great job on vignette!! I love the way you layered the images and great use of negative space." So I know what a vignette collage is and how to do one and this is another.

I chose the image to go with the backing poster advertising a display of toys and dolls. The other pieces fit in with the theme quite nicely. Again there is only one focal image and all the elements (bar the butterfly) are grouped together. I added the butterfly in the red colour to balance up the ticket. None of the elements bleed off the canvas, although this time I have added a sentiment/title. I have changed the height of the vignette, which is lower on the canvas but it still 'floats'. I submitted this yesterday and left a message saying  -  "My second piece for Vignette. The collage elements aren't all together, I wanted the butterfly to balance the colour with the ticket and the vignette is not floating in the middle. Does this count?" Claudine's reply was "This looks great! It doesn't have to be perfectly centred to be a vignette! I think you did a great job!" Woo hoo, that is soooo encouraging. Thanks Claudine.

Before I started on this I had a look around some of my favourite blogs and saw that Hels at The Sunday Stamper wants to see hats this week and I knew of one that would fit perfectly. It is another of my Scrolls Work stamps. The Paper Variety want 2 or more texts

Only one more week of the course left, I shall definitely look for more. This one was held at 'Big Picture Classes'. You might want to take a look. Everything is done on-line with galleries for downloading pictures, email and a chat forum.

Enjoy your crafty time.

luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox