Thursday 30 April 2015

Visual Journey #18

I began these pages with a light coat of white gesso and let them dry. I have Tim stamps UNUSED - oh boy who else does that? Buys new stamps then takes forever to use them? Not just me I hope!!!

Using the classics #11 I stamped two of them onto my pages and stamped two onto thin card. I also found a mask also UNUSED in my drawer, a crafter's workshop one called mini dragonfly harmony, so I squeezed some turquoise acrylic and added some white gesso and blended it over the mask using a piece of cut and dry foam. I then washed over some decoart quinacridone violet and used a wet babywipe to pull some of it off again. This was quite damp by now so I left it to dry and began the next two pages. (I often have two on the go at any one time).

The background needed more layers and textures but my mind is on today and excitement got the better of me - today is my travelling day - flying to California  - and the dragonfly dance reminds me of the whirl my brain is in trying to remember everything and getting things finished before I go. I set aside my two stamped pieces of card and began to rework the pages.

Mixing a watery wash of transparent yellow iron oxide on my craft mat I dipped the pages in it twice and dried them, then I took the Decoart turquoise shimmer mist and transferred some of it to a mini mister (one part turquoise and 4 parts water) and sprayed through one of Andy Skinners masks.

The two previous colours are transparent so I took the opaque carbon black and another Andy stencil to give me my words and focus which was when I decided the stamped head would fit in well relating to the hundred and one things to think about. But my head is really in California already, you can tell that by the stamps I added that relate to our destination.

I typed and printed the words I wanted to add .....

... including my feelings about why we are going -
'We are now travellers in California, having seen what we wanted to see, we now visit to make the most of what there is to see.'

We also go because we want to spend time in a place we call home from home with our friends Joni and Leo and take time to do some travelling, especially to spend a day with Terry and Steve having a lovely meal together and getting into some craft shops but  also to live the American way.

I will be on Face Book with updates so if you follow me there you will see some of what I see too.

I have some posts scheduled whilst I am away, so stay tuned and I shall continue to follow the journey of my fellow visual journey followers too.

Here is the link if you wish to share the collection and the linky is below for you to add your journal pages.

Take care and thanks for being part of my journeys.

hugs Brenda xxxx