Friday 28 April 2017

Eileen Hull HeARTfelt Journal When Rust and Nature Collide

How lovely it is to be back sharing another of the journals from the lovely Eileen Hull. If you missed my vintage mixed media one you can find it here. This one is still mixed media but more in the timeworn style I enjoy using.
The inspiration for this journal came about by sitting in the work room looking out over my back garden and thinking why don't I document the changes of the seasons in the garden and use this three sectioned journal to do it.  So the seeds were sown (pun intended lol).

I'm not sharing all the process steps with you today as I will be teaching this at Country View Crafts on the 11th May and at Let's Be Creative on the 24th May but suffice to say we will be covering some simple aging techniques using the DecorArt Media range of fluid acrylic paints and mediums .......

..... on several of the layering elements for the front cover.

Including this beautiful textured butterfly ......

.... and these very realistic looking bees.

I will go through how to paint and put the covers together ......

.... and making some crackle panels to create the background for the covers.

We will put all the elements together .....

.... and stain some seam binding ribbon for the ties.

The workshop time will be taken for making the journal and the decorative elements on the front cover, so there will not be enough time to make any inserts for it. If you sign up and attend either workshop and would like to bring papers the double pages need to be 81/2 inches across and 81/4 inches long with the 81/2 inch sided folded to make pages 41/4 x 81/4. We will have a long arm stapler ready to make your pages into signatures, or you could bring them ready sewn and we will have elastic ready for you to add your inserts when you have finished.

I have made three inserts for my one ......

... and will use them to record the changes in the garden over the the year. Insert 1 for Spring; insert 2 for Summer and insert 3 for Autumn and Winter combined.

Thank you Eileen for giving me this opportunity to create alongside your team and a huge thank you to the lovely Anne (Redanne) who sent me the journal covers to use. I should also say the journal die has a closure and a label to cut as well although I have not used them yet, I will cut some labels later to add to the three sections of the inserts.

You can find some of Anne's gorgeous journals HERE and HERE.

Susan at CVC has the journal die on pre-order at the most amazing price which you can find on her website so if you are interested I would get in quick so she can pack you one off as soon as it arrives, oh and I should tell you the price is fantastically affordable for this xl scoreboards die.

Thanks for taking some time out to stop by my blog today. If you have any questions please ask them in the comments section below or email me - the address is on the sidebar. I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you at my workshop if you can make it.

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned.

hugs Brenda xxx