Monday 24 December 2018

12 Cards for Christmas #11

Yep, made it to #11 and it's Christmas Eve - have a lovely day with any last minute preparations, or perhaps you have completely finished and have begun some chill out time. Thank you everyone who has been popping in, I'll definitely be using these many of the series designs again - maybe not for Christmas cards but finding other dies, stamps and ephemera to play with.

I did warn you yesterday these were a bit of a cheat - that's because I found the pieces and cards in my box and alI had to do was assemble them. I must have had a production line with them a previous year - so apologies if you remember them from then.

You have to admit though that for last minute cards they work a treat.

Right just need to find something for tomorrow. Thanks for staying with me at this busy time of year and ......