Tuesday 29 August 2017

Technique Tuesday # 7 - Marbling with Fluid Media Acrylics - DecoArt.


For this technique I used one off the tear-off palettes which has a lovely slippery smooth surface.

Add a drop of 2 colours quite near each other - here I used cadmium red hue and Hansa Yellow Medium.

Spritz with water and let colours gently come together.

Dip your card into the mix quickly before the colours blend and mix .....

..... and reveal some marbling effects.

This is one I tried with green gold and phthalo turquoise.

This just goes to prove you can get watery marbling effects with just water but I will admit the patterns are not so intricate as they are with other methods.
If you want to pin - here is the graphic.

Thanks for stopping by on another technique Tuesday and all the lovely comments you left on the Weathered Wood Crackle last week.

See you soon.

hugs Brenda xxx