Monday 6 June 2011

Ribbon Booklet Freebie and Tutorial

Hi Everyone

Do you like making Mini Albums? Well today I have a free mini album cover for you and a tutorial on how to put it together. It is a booklet designed by myself and Chris Warner about 5 years ago and was destined to go on one of her CDs, I don’t think it quite made it as she no longer designs or makes CDs due to illness.

If you saw my Millinery Catalogue (click to bring it up), I made it using this template but this one already has patterned covers for you. It can be printed onto A4 paper and away you go.

Supplies needed
1. Front and back cover plus one of the spines. (There are two available to you depending on whether you want a plain or patterned one).
2. Ruler, scissors, knife, scoring tool, sellotape and glue.
3. Ribbon to tie the book up with.
 Ribbon Booklet Front Cover

Ribbon Booklet Back Cover

Ribbon Booklet Patterned Spine
Ribbon Booklet Plain Spine

To make the booklet up -
1. Print off both covers and spine.P1080098 copy
2. Score folds for both covers.
P1080100 copy

3. Cut into fold to create a gap for the ribbon to go through and secure with sellotape.P1080109 copyP1080111 copy 
4. Fold flaps and glue down – you have created pockets for your pages to go in.P1080101 copy P1080102 copy

5. Take spine and fold where score lines are shown. Fold and glue side flaps to create an even edge on the covers.
P1080103 copy
P1080104 copy
P1080105 copy

6. Glue covers to the spine and line up centrally. Cut slight angles into the flaps at the top and glue them over the spine.
P1080106 copyP1080107 copy

7. You have now created your ribbon booklet. I distressed the edge of mine with some Walnut Stain distress ink.
P1080114 copy

The pages are going to be in the next tutorial I post, very soon.

I hope you enjoy making your album and please link yours back to me so I can see any you make.

Please respect the copyright and again link back to this tutorial if you post about it on your blog.

Have fun and I can’t wait to see what you make with this.

luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox