Friday 18 March 2016

Dandelion inspiration

I promised to show you how my muse took me off onto a completely different path after covering Beckah Krahula's Wanderlust lesson. If you missed my tangled journalling post you can see it here.

 I have been saving photos, paintings and drawings of dandelions, aliums and seed heads to a Pinterest board for quite some time and the shapes of these natural beauties intrigue me.

So I used my new found motivation and interest to doodle draw some of these shapes on small pieces of card ....

and made a new folder for them. 

As you can see there is no zentangling but that's where the inspiration came from to sit and have fun with pens, line, shape and perspective.

I even made my own reference drawings and notes on the back for future use.

I had made the cover from some paper that I had dipped and sprayed with bisters so I did the same to some good quality card that take the washes well and cut them up into the same size as my little learning cards and I am now playing with my designs over the top of the colour wash backgrounds ....

.... and I have plenty cut ready to pick up this little folder when I am sitting quiet and wanting something non-messy to do.

Who knows, you might see some of these turn up on my journal pages sometime.

If you are inspired to have a go at doodle drawing do let me know here or on facebook as I would love to see what you create.

See you tomorrow to find out who is the winner of my little give-away.

hugs Brenda xxx