Monday 7 March 2016

Destination Inspiration - embarking at terminal 1

Welcome everyone - it is my turn to share a Destination Inspiration project over at A Vintage Journey.
In our travel bag this month we have packed -
Product - something metal
For the technique- rusting paint or powders
Colour - pale purple/lavender/violet
Substrate - board

I have made another board hanging using the weathered wood boards technique I taught at some DecoArt workshops last year and that I demoed at the Andy Skinner Mixology retreat in Coventry, so do pop over and take a look at my process steps that I am sharing today.

Industrial Butterfly
 I made one of these as part of my Curio box for our last challenge and promised a tutorial for how to get the very rusty looking finish so here we go.

Cover some card with foil tape and run it through your embossing machine using Tim's layered die and run the butterfly through in the embossing folder

Give it a thin coat of gesso, rub some of it away and dry it and then collect together 

Paint/dab on neat paynes grey, burnt umber and some quinacridone red ....

... then add some quinacridone gold, spritz with water and let it drip around a bit before drying.

Now layer watery washes of those colours adding in some red iron oxide until happy with the effects - dry.

Sand over the veins .....

.... and add more washes if needed.

Products I used

DecoArt media fluid acrylics -  titanium white, titan buff, burnt umber, transparent red iron oxide, paynes grey, quinacridone burnt orange.
DecoArt white gesso, manila card, metal foil.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you can manage a quick hop over to A Vintage Journey to see my DI post and the weathered Boards process steps and more details and photos of my project.

I hope you all enjoyed a happy Mother's Day yesterday in the UK, I am so very lucky to have two wonderful children, a gorgeous daughter-in-law and very special grandchildren who shared part of the day with me.

Have a great week and listen to your heART.

hugs Brenda xxx

Updated - post copied over from AVJ

Here we are alighting at terminal 1 for the month of March and as you will have seen on the birthday post last Friday we are using our travel bag and it's contents for the challenge theme. You may have seen my piece of wall art I made for Friday's post and I have re-created the background for a second piece. So let's undo the travel bag again to remind ourselves what is in there.

Product: Something Metal
Technique: Rust Effects (perhaps using rusting or embossing powders or rust coloured paints)
Colour: Lilac or Pale Purple
Substrate: Board (eg grey board, coaster board, cardboard)

Now let your imagination flow and follow me on a discrete track and find out how I made my weathered boards background using DecoArt medial fluid acrylics.

I began with a piece of greyboard and a piece of manila card both cut to the same size (4 1/2 x 8 ins) and took the card to work on.

Weathered Wooden Boards

If you don't have a purple in your colour range of acrylic paints and I don't, mix quinacridone magenta and prussian blue together to create this gorgeous mauve and paint the surface of your card with it and dry.

Use a stiff paint brush to ‘paint’ on Vaseline or petroleum jelly in the direction of the boards you will finish with ie for me that's longways. Then paint over with titanium white, keep gently swiping the brush in the same direction and slowly some of the paint will be rubbed away by the brush.
Gently heat and wipe with a dry paper towel (again in the same direction) to remove a little more of the paint.

Repeat the previous two steps using titan buff.

There is still lots of vaseline on the card so paint again with titanium white (without adding more vaseline) heat quickly and rub with the paper towel before the paint is dry.

Mix a very small amount of your mauve again and add to some titanium white and water to create a pastel lilac coloured wash. Paint again and spritz with some more water whilst it is still wet to create the mottled effects and rub gently with the kitchen towel before it is completely dry.

Use a distressing brush tool to scratch some marks into the ‘wood’ ....

... and score lines to create the ‘boards’, distress the lines with a sanding block and rub in a brown distress ink. Adhere to the backing board and distress and ink the edges.

Now gather all the elements to embellish your board - die-cut circles, rusty butterfly, small canvas to create height, a wordband and some natural fibres and foliage.

I promised a step out for the industrial butterfly I made for last months challenge and you can find that over on my blog today. It has a base of foil tape on card.

The mini canvas was changed from an original stamped effect I had on it which was far too busy for underneath the butterfly so I gessoed it all over a couple of times then made up some of the lilac watery wash using the quinacridone magenta, prussian blue and titanium white paints. After a few dips and dries it was just what I needed.

Now to put it together ....

 .... with some natural fibres and foliage ....

.... some remnant rubs ....

 .... an altered wordband ....

.... the rusty butterfly alighted on the mini canvas ....

.... and a rusty wire hanger for displaying.

We have completed our time at Terminal 1, I hope you have enjoyed the stop and the project I made with the contents of our travel bag. We are looking forward to seeing what you make with them - don't forget there are no restrictions on what products you use, just jump aboard the travel bag challenge and have fun.

We will see you again on Friday with the winner and pinworthies from last months challenge.

Enjoy the week.

hugs Brenda xxx