Monday 5 March 2018

Faux Wood for Tando Creative

I have a post over at Tando Creative today where I have shown my weathered floorboards technique which you can see over there and here.

I definitely seem to be in pink mode at the moment as here's another shabby grugy project in a vintage rose colour.

When I began this project it was snowing outside and I chose the elements I wanted to use which included that heart so I decided to find a snowy palette with a touch of red. Here it is.

But there isn't a rich dark burgundy red in my media paints range so I had some fun with colour mixing to find the colours I would need to use.
Here is my colour mixing palette and by the time I had tried these all out I just went for it in my paint palette and added cadmium red hue, sap green, paynes grey, pyrrole red, and a little black. It's a little browner than I wanted but I'm happy with it as part of the background.

It would be lovely if you could join me over there and also see what ideas the other team members show us.

I hope you've had a great weekend and hopefully the snow has gone or is going wherever you are especially in the Uk.

Enjoy your week.

hug Brenda xxx

Update from Tando Blog

Faux Wood

Hi it's Brenda here with a project for faux wood week. I have created a faux weathered floorboards effect on card and then added it and some embellishments to one of my large media boards cut by Di.

Paint the card with the base colour of your choice. I mixed some cadmium red hue, sap green and paynes grey to create this rich burgundy colour.
Rub some candle wax in the direction of the boards you will finish with ie for me that's longways. 

Then paint over with titanium white, keep gently swiping the brush in the same direction and slowly some of the paint will be rubbed away by the brush and you can see where you laid down the heavy rubs of wax.

Gently heat and wipe with a dry paper towel (again in the same direction) to remove a little more of the paint.

Repeat the previous two steps using titan buff.

Mix a very small amount of your burgundy or chosen colour again and add some titanium white and a small spritz of water to create a pastel colour. Rub with the candle again and paint your mixed colour over it. You will start to see small patches showing through where the water and candle wax don't mix.

Repeat the drying process. You can see how you are building up the worn and weathered layers of paint. Each new layer exposes some of the individual layers underneath.

To make this look like shabby floorboards I dipped the card first in titanium white and dried it and then in some raw umber to give the top coat that grungy look.

To finish the effect, score lines to create the ‘boards’, distress the lines with a sanding block and rub in a brown distress ink. Adhere to the backing board and distress and ink the edges.

I have painted and altered each one of the embellishments using more of the DecoArt media fluid acrylics. The clock had a layer of dark paint, a layer of weathered wood crackle medium and then I finger painted some white crackle paste that has given me another weathered look.
The heart was painted, covered with clear crackle glaze with titan buff rubbed in when dry and the clock hand was painted with a mix of cadmium red and silver then rubbed in paynes grey and then had ground espresso distress ink blended over the whole piece,

The word label was a left over piece from a workshop. painted, distressed, a word added and sealed with decoupage.

Thanks for popping by to see my faux wooden floorboards.

hugs Brenda xxx

This size isn't on the website yet but ask Di if you would like some this size.