Tuesday 4 July 2017

Altered key hook

I've altered a little house shape board with a hook for hanging keys. It started life being plain white and is now more grungy.

I painted layers of relic, vintage and lace chalky finish paints and weathered wood crackle medium between the last two layers. Then I daubed watery washes of the same colours - drying between each layer. Edges sanded - ground espresso blended in and also over the surface then wiped partially away with a babywipe.

Sealed with ultra-matte varnish.

I really want to re-create this mottled look on a canvas now.

I just added a flat metal key and a quote chip for some embellishing.

This has gone into the Packhouse to be sold. I think it might be a bit too grungy (or expensive - see below *) for people but we'll see.

Thanks for stopping by.

hugs Brenda xxxx

*I am finding that people are probably not aware of how much time it takes to make art or cards etc and although I do not expect to get enough back for the time I put into a project, I would like to cover the material costs sometimes. Still I promised to give myself a year to see what happens and I was warned by the staff when I first signed up that the people who do the best are those who have been there the longest. So onwards we go.